DRAM prices keep rising, giant ADATA memory module (3260 - TW) September consolidated revenue of 2.926 billion yuan, this record of 47 months, since the knot before the August pre-tax earnings per share 8.66 yuan, pushed up in DRAM shortage effect, third quarter operating profit performed significantly better than the second quarter, next year is expected to stabilize also stay strong;Driven fundamental theme of share price performance, closed 86.1 yuan on Friday, gaining high challenge before.ADATA has consolidated revenue of 24 billion yuan in the first nine month, year increase 51.89%, has ...
发布时间: 2017 - 10 - 10
2017 in 3 d - the samsung NAND process under the influence of transformation were 3 d - NAND output accounts for 50% of the whole industry proportion in the NAND Flash, in 2018 as the SK hynix and Toshiba/western digital, micron / 3 d - NAND Intel's campaign will increase, the proportion of 3 d - 2018 NAND output proportion will break through the 70% mark.From GeChang process schedule, samsung 64 layer 3 d - NAND since the third quarter of this year has entered the stage of mass production and 3 d will break through 50% of the total capacity of the fourth quarter of this year, next year wi...
发布时间: 2017 - 09 - 29
Industry veteran said that 2017 NAND Flash industry demand by the smartphone carrying capacity and the demand of the server, and supply side by process under the influence of progress than expected in tight situation since the third quarter 2016 has lasted six quarters;Looking ahead to 2018, NAND Flash supply will increase by 42.9% and demand side will grow 37.7%, overall supply and demand balance supply and demand situation will turn to next year.  From the perspective of the supply side of NAND Flash, because NAND process from 2 d to 3 d than expected, leading to the samsung 2017 c...
发布时间: 2017 - 09 - 26
Before, chip giant Intel (Intel) "cutting-edge manufacturing conference" held in China, to show you the latest by production by 10 nm process technology of the wafer, and expressed by 10 nm process technology production of Cannon Lake processors will start mass production before the end of 2017. Just, now it was revealed, the first to enter the market of Intel 10 nm process technology products, will not be expected to CPU, but the market prices of the NAND Flash Flash memory. According to industry sources, Intel plans in their latest 64 layer 3 d NAND Flash Flash memory wit...
发布时间: 2017 - 09 - 25
G&k microelectronics co., LTD., hunan province launched recently GK2301 series SSD control chip has obtained the certificate issued by the state password administration of the commercial password products model, officially became the first domestic double measurement certification countries, SSD control chip. SSD (Soild - State - Drive, SSD) as a new type of storage devices are more and more applied to all kinds of electronic products, computer, server, and other equipment, the application scope is more and more widely.Storage equipment, the safety of the nation, enterprise, personal ...
发布时间: 2017 - 09 - 21
At present, the development of personalized DIY hardware has been a highlight fashion trend.In memory, in addition to meet the needs of basic memory space and speed, the more the more players pursue chassis and accessories personalized custom, cool appearance or the design of "light pollution" was deeply loved by young people. Is the so-called article lamp faith is king, Tigo's new X6 series of DDR4 memory is for players to play CALL the belief strength, the product is designed for elite gamers tailored, overclocking performance and cool light effect model to make the game m...
发布时间: 2017 - 09 - 18
SLC particles of solid plate in QLC are start mass production at present, more and more become scarce products.Recently, TOMH reported that samsung the next generation of 970/980 series of high-end consumer solid plate, MLC also important points, including the evo with TLC, PRO to MLC.However, south Korean business newspaper reported that samsung is preparing to production Z - NAND flash memory chips and related control, based on the SLC particles.Samsung is suddenly conscience because this product to mark is the pride of Intel teng (Optane) flash memory, which is based on a meguiar's Quan...
发布时间: 2017 - 09 - 14
In recent years, the development trend of traditional hard disk in the disk capacity density gradual, when such as Seagate and western digital hard drive brand, we have more large capacity hard disk storage capacity of a single disc density is not increased significantly.When two big hard disk brands started to develop TB capacity products at the same time, the glass discs will become the large capacity of 3.5 -inch hard disk of the important components. Glass disc drive now is mainly used in traditional laptop using 2.5 inch hard drive products, compared with traditional aluminum discs, ...
发布时间: 2017 - 09 - 07
MICRON's consumer brand Crucial (the farce of) today issued new SSD BX300 series, although the new SSD appearance still is 2.5 inch traditional modelling, performance characteristic of it doesn't matter, but the surprise is that MLC flash back!Nowadays, TLC flash is popular, although said, reliability, cost, capacity is not a problem, but, after all, a class is lower than the MLC, let something many users.BX series is a MICRON'sentry-level products, as early as the first generation of BX100 using their 16 nm MLC flash memory, at the end of 2015 BX200 series is 16 nm TLC flash memor...
发布时间: 2017 - 08 - 31
Samsung electronics co., LTD. Announced the launch of samsung mobile SSD T5 - new movement solid-state drives (PSSD), improve the performance of the external storage product standards. T5 layer using the latest samsung 64 V - NAND (vertical NAND) technology and compact and durable design, with industry-leading transmission speed and encryption of data security, make consumers more easily access to its most valuable data anytime and anywhere. Provide up to 540 MB/s surprising speed, as high as 4.9 times faster than the external HDD products, new T5 designed for content creators, busin...
发布时间: 2017 - 08 - 18
Samsung NAND Flash technology to upgrade, 9 announced the development capacity of 1 TB (terabit) 3 d NAND chip, is expected to launch next year. Samsung r&d 1 TB of V - NAND chip (i.e., vertically stacked 3 d NAND), 512 gb capacity is the maximum storage (gigabit) twice.Samsung will combine 16 1 TB die, constitute a set of 3 d NAND group, each group of storage capacity of up to 2 TB (terabyte).Samsung claims that the technology is one of the biggest progress over the past decade the memory. 1 TB is equivalent to 126 gb, can store 60 two hours of high-definition movie.Samsung said...
发布时间: 2017 - 08 - 11
8gb ddr4 ram mini computer memory card promotion price:$89.60/pcsGolden memory ram all enjoy lifetime warranty,100% tested before delivery,Support Customized Logo,Retail Packing or Bulk Packing,ETT Original ChipsetsType:  DDR4 SDRAM Memory Model: DDR4 8GB Memory Speed: 2133mhz PC3-17000 Unit Chip capacity: 1024*8 Memory Socket: SO DIMM Memory CAS Latency: CL15 Dimm: 260-pin Voltage: 1.2V Function: Non ECC Memory Chip: ETT Original chips Compatibility: work with all motherboards for laptop&#...
发布时间: 2017 - 10 - 20
Although Intel is not specialized in manufacturing the SSD, but its strength is very strong, in the enterprise market and Intel is very active, rich products, technology is also constantly breakthroughs, involving products also increased. Now, Intel and introduced a new form of SSD, temporarily named "Ruler" (Ruler), its slender shape thin, completely different from the traditional hard disk from over 2.5 inch, 3.5 inch specifications, it is also different from PCI - E expansion card, can let the nonvolatile cast off the yoke of the shape and size. According to Intel says t...
发布时间: 2017 - 08 - 09
2017 NEW GM sata3 2.5inch SSD 60GB promotion price: $29.5/pcsBased SpecificationControl chipSM2246ENInterfaceSATAIIICapacity60GBCache128MBFlash typeMLC NAND FlashRead/Write PerformanceSequential Read480MB/sSequential Write220MB/s4KB Random Read IOPS700004KB Random Write IOPS3000Response Time0.2msPower ConsumptionPower Supply5V+5%Standby0.3WMaximum Ripple70 mV(peak to peak)4KB Random Write2.5WReliabilityWrite endurance:8 years @ 100G write/day(32G)Read endurance:unlimitedMTBF:2,000,000 hoursData retention: 20years @ 25°CData destroy supportnoSudden power-off recovery supportyesNCQ su...
发布时间: 2017 - 10 - 13
Toshiba 64 layers of stacked 3 d flash technology is practical, rapidly following the mainstream XG5 NVMe, low-end TR200 SATA, Toshiba and released the SSD, based on the new flash memory in the third paragraph is the third generation of BGA SSD single chip packages, named "BG3" series. Toshiba BG series BGA SSD was born in early 2015, single chip integrated master and flash memory, very small, only 16 x 20 mm new BG3 chip packages. It USES m. 2 interface (for ease of use and m. 2 2230 expansion card), PCI - E 3.0 x2 channels, support the NVMe, capacity and made the same 128...
发布时间: 2017 - 08 - 04
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